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August 2007

Unstoppable Freedom!

In The Netherlands,The Hague in the civil court under the jurisdiction of Judge Mrs. J.M. Willink, the IDSF member, NADB, confirmed, in a humiliating climb-down, what we have all known for a very long time.

In the case of Neil Jones ( competitor and Dutch Champion) vs. NADB ( IDSF member Federation for Netherlands, one of the several Dutch Amateur Federations), the court learned that there was
"No case to answer "  due to the fact that, in a seemingly reluctant and humiliating climb-down only days before the trial,( which had preambled for several months),  the NADB now gave a court pledge that, contrary to several months` advice to the opposite,
"NADB will not punish nor ban or prevent her athletes from participating at the Dutch Open 2007" !
Moreover, when specifically asked the pertinent question by judge Willink " What about your mother Federation, IDSF,...
"IDSF accepts our decision and will not punish nor  ban or prevent our athletes from participating at the Dutch Open 2007" !

Immediately upon conclusion of the hearing, as this wonderful news filtered through, the organisers were inundated with e-mails and communications from IDSF Member- Federations assuring in writing that " We pledge that we cannot, and will not, punish, ban nor prevent our country`s athletes from participating in your event".
The World Dance Council welcomes their further interest in joining our newly-formed and dynamic free-market "World Amateur League".
The organisers, the WDC and all those who support personal liberties in the open market  would wish to record their gratitude to Mr. Neil Jones, who appeared in court as a representative competitor defending his rights.

Quote from the preamble meeting between competitors and the IDSF member NADB, from a furious competitor in meeting:
"We`ve paid our registrations to you for years and in good faith and you`ve never once asked us where we prefer to dance! We dance your World's and European's because we are in your system, not because we like to be judged by people we have never heard of".

On behalf of freedom, and human rights, we celebrate Neil`s courage and that of the registered competitors of NADB.

Organisers of free and open events the World over will now be able to taste the fruits of success and freedom, safe in the knowledge that the floodgates have opened, and threats are empty.

The organisers, Stichting Dans International, on their behalf and that of Mr. Neil Jones, must be more than happy to pay the sum of € 1100 costs towards the fact that the case was rendered " No case to answer " due to the above mentioned climb-down by NADB.

....A small price to pay for the freedom of organisers and dancers worldwide!!!

Thank you Fred.  

Thank you Neil.  

Congratulations freedom!  

Sammy Stopford
Chairman WDC Amateur League




Press release
London, 2007-06-22


IDSF changes her position concerning Open Competitions, not her intentions.

On the IDSF website it read until yesterday, the 21st of June 2007:

“IDSF Couples are not allowed to participate in the above mentioned competitions! “
As of today, 22nd of June, it reads:

“IDSF Couples are strongly advised that if they compete at any of these competitions, they may loose their athlete's licence in their own IDSF Member Federation, and thus may be stopped from competing in any country in the IDSF World Sporting System! “


Since the foundation of the WDC Amateur League a lot has happened. From day 1 organisations have entered the WDC AL.

At this moment we have already over 30 different organisations and thousands of individual registrants.

And every day more are joining in! By the hundreds………

One of the major reasons to join our WDC AL is the defense of the right of freedom to dance.

Lots of declarations of support were and are streaming in, very often from IDSF-members or “IDSF-competitors”.

The first fruit of this defense is now highlighted by IDSF itself! Thanks a lot!

Was the attitude before that IDSF would forbid “her” couples to dance open competitions, now this has changed and it is no longer IDSF, but maybe (only maybe) some of her national member-organisations may take action against a competitor!

Was the IDSF only days ago taking a strong position against participation in open events like Assen and pressing her members to the limit ( even to the point of exclusion) to comply, now it strongly advises her couples not to go because her members might take action. Isn’t that the world upside down??

It’s obvious that the IDSF has got more lawyers than dancers. Hence the change of position, not a change of intention!

It tells us that IDSF knows that it cannot forbid a competitor to dance where he or she wants to dance.
Instead of frankly admitting that they were wrong and taking away the fear of a competitor, IDSF prefers to maintain the pressure by strongly advising competitors not to go because of her national member who might take action. Thus leaving it to someone else (the national members) to do the dirty job that IDSF is no longer prepared to do and by doing so, also take the legal consequences.

Whilst IDSF knows that in Russia 3 couples went to court on this issue ( by going to Assen last year) and won all 6 cases!

How clever and what a lack of respect for her own members! And what a disregard of interest in the competitors!

So much for IDSF-policy: do not change your intentions, but just change your own position to be legally  safe and let somebody else do your dirty work and take the blow. In the mean time putting as much pressure on the competitors as you can.


A second interesting observation is that the system of IDSF is no longer “Superior, athlete-orientated, athlete-governed”, but simply an IDSF World Sporting System. What a major improvement; it tells us that IDSF realizes that there are more systems and maybe, just maybe, some might even be of the same value.


All in all, we are glad to have this good news for you that it is no longer the IDSF that does not allow you to participate in truly open events, but maybe only your national federation. Bear in mind however that IDSF is still holding the position to bring mortal fear over the competitors that they feel are “their” competitors. No change of heart there!

Any respectable international body would advise her own member-organisations not to go against the law. Not the IDSF, they prefer to address the competitors and maintain the pressure, now by involving her own members as possible threat against competing.

We will take a stand against this policy of spreading fear on behalf of thousands of competitors that have joined the WDC Amateur League and the thousands that haven’t done so yet, but are of the same feeling.

For everybody in doubt before, the WDC Amateur League has already proven her right to exist. By virtue of the change of tactic of the IDSF regarding her policy on open events. If only the member-countries of IDSF would see the truth behind this all!


Sammy Stopford.

Chairman WDC Amateur League.



Welcome to the Official Website for the
WDC Amateur League.
“Zero politics – All the finest events”.

Only a few weeks have passed since the establishment of the WDC Amateur League and lots of discussions have started off. It is therefore important to give some information as to the background and targets of our league.
The background is simple:
Organisations that claim to be responsible for the execution and development of dancing are, in effect, splitting up our unity. Their policies, rules and regulations are focused on absolute power and control of their own organisation. Regardless of the consequences for the dancing as a whole.
The ones that suffer:  the competitors, organizers and judges, them being the "carriers" of our dancing, the ones that execute and develop our dancing!
And these three "ingredients" are left out of the equation!

Our target is to unite these three groups and all organisations that are in support of the (re-)unification of the dancing. But first and foremost the individuals that carry our dancing on.
NOT to bring more division, not to create another monster, but to bring people together that all have the same love for dancing.
People that want to dance without fear of being excluded or disciplined.
People that want to organise great events, open for all dancers without being banned.
People that can give their professional opinion when asked for on any competition.
People that care for our dancing and are in support of the open market.

We do not take a stand against any organisation, do not exclude any organisation, but we are uniting those who are now not heard and are abused in a struggle for power and control by some. We take a stand against splitting the dancing more and more.
We do not want you to choose for one organisation, but for ALL.
Dance where you want, but simply take a stand for unification and open competitions.

The benefits are obvious.
A strong voice from groundlevel will be listened to in the end.
But more benefits will be included, such as discounts, free congresses to attend, sound information on various issues, etc.
But the best of this Amateur League is that at last you, as a dancer have an instrument of power against injustices put upon you for the wrong reasons.
A truly "competitor-orientated, competitor-governed" body.
Not superior maybe, but powerful and open for ALL.
We invite you to join us.

Sammy Stopford
Chairman WDC Amateur League


To the President IDSF

Dear Carlos,

As a delegate to the World Dance Council and a Director of the British Dance Council, I find myself in complete agreement with the sentiments expressed in the open letter written to you from Karl Breuer on February the 5th 2007.

Having had the pleasure of meeting you, I find it inconceivable that a man of your obvious integrity, should not be able to meet with World Dance Council representatives, to iron out the current differences, (which are an embarrassment to all dancers) in order to work in harmony for the good of Ballroom Dancing, rather than fuel the egos of a dissident few.

Therefore I must add that until such time as the IDSF and the WDC are in accord I regret I cannot and will not make use of my IDSF Adjudicator’s Licence.

I remain, with kind regards

Yours sincerely

George Coad.


5th February 2007

Open Letter To The World

Mr. President,

dear Carlos.

Since the IDSF General Meeting in Wels, Austria, I have remained silent for a long time - perhaps too long. The development from the GOC 2006 to a pitiful pseudo–World Championship for Professionals in Madrid January 2007 cannot and should not remain without comment any longer.

Being almost 60 years, in my beloved Dance Sport, I request the right to write this letter as an Amateur Dancer, Amateur World Champion, the first dancer to be presented with the Silver Laurel given by the President of The Federal Republic of Germany, worked as a Professional Dancer, Trainer and then served as President of the World Dance Council for many years.

From where does the IDSF use the right, to create a new Professional World Organisation under their roof? - and even more at a time when both World organisations, IDSF and WDC, are still contractually joined by the General Agreement?

During the past years we, the WDC, had many opportunities to integrate an international Amateur organisation within our Council. This did not happen during my presidency and neither during the past two years has it happened under the presidency of Mr. Donnie Burns MBE.

During the past decades I was always of the opinion that the IDSF was a respectable unified body, which by being accepted by the IOC has a special liability to create unity and not destroy Dance Sport organisations of this world.

How could the IDSF allow such an obvious incompetent gentleman from Torino, to present such a pitiful show in Madrid, in the name of IDSF, which everybody should be ashamed of.

This so called World Championship will be recorded, in Dance Sport history, as the most terrible ever held and thus completely discredit the IDSF within in the IOC.

Attempts to apply the hand brake at the last minute, to distance the World Amateur Organisation from this awful situation with the motto, „I didn’t do it, it was the Italian”, does not relieve the IDSF from the responsibility of this spectacular disgrace by the Amateur President from Italy, irrespective of any motive he may have had. Quite the opposite. Such a position directly breaches and contravenes your own minutes of the IDSF AGM which clearly state that the new body was to be formed “subject to the policies and administrative decisions of IDSF”.2

In the past there had always been differences of opinions between the two world bodies.  However the founding of the IPDSC destroyed the previous world order of Dance Sport and opened the door to such laughable events as happened in Madrid.

Through the existence of the General Agreement one still had the possibility of talking to each other. Everyone is aware that this was the policy of the WDC during the last decades. I believe that by the unilateral break of the Agreement and thereby the change to the world situation of dance, that this will bring the ranks of our professionals even closer together.

In closing this letter I can only hope, that the decision from Wels will be repealed and that everyone in the IDSF will revert back to a policy of working together.

With Dance Sport greetings

Karl Breuer

P. S. As I cannot accept the current policy of the IDSF towards the World Dance Council, I will not make use of my IDSF Adjudicator License.



World Dance Council

Presidential Office tel: +44 (0) 208 657 6617

P.O. Box 1038 fax: +44 (0) 208 657 6617

South Croydon CR2 0ZX e-mail:


Registered Address: 7-8 Albert Road, Silvertown, London, E16 20W


The President

Donnie Burns MBE

7th December 2006

PRESS RELEASE – unanimously agreed by WDC Presidium

The WDC Competitors Commission in June, free of pressure or interference, voted unanimously NOT to support the IDSF Italian members alleged "Professional" events. In so doing, the Professional competitors have demonstrated exemplary loyalty to the WDC and the profession, and we in turn are honour bound to protect them, and their efforts and assets, together with our own.


The recent announcement of IDSF that an Italian non-presidium member, a person therefore NOT internationally elected to any position of authority by the IDSF membership, but simply appointed by a core of the Presidium without recourse nor consultation with member-federations, will be allowed to run IDSF professional World titles in Ballroom and Latin, is a direct attack on our own couples` efforts and an attempt to devalue their titles, ergo an attack on the titles and assets of the profession itself.


Whilst it could be argued that it is not strictly WDC business, the situation of an unelected radical tail waving the IDSF dog and dragging the dance world down a disruptive road to conflict is great cause for the concern of all responsible people who sincerely care. For a WDC Professional competitor, and even more so for a bona fide World

Professional Champion, it is most disheartening to see different professional Champions in the same category of Ballroom Dance.


The World Dance Council is on record as supporting the open-market system, a position which still today in consistence remains. The “free market” means couples rights to choose where and when they spend their money, and the freedom of transparent information.


It is strange that, just when IDSF and WDC have finally made the historic joint decision to collaborate as equal partners on a joint education, accreditation and eventual global licensing-system that a new step appears with the intent of destabilizing the progress , and threatening to throw recent detente into dispute more serious than pre-existed prior to same. Whilst the WDC acknowledges that some  aundiced professionals may have played their part in this process, the

placement of a non-presidium member of IDSF in an unelected position as decision-maker in this radical project is viewed with concern by the and many IDSF members alike.


The WDC wishes to extend their gratitude to the many, many reasonable and responsible IDSF member federations who have contacted us registering their opposition and offering pragmatic measures as support. We do however welcome what the de facto represents in terms of a u-turn in decades of IDSF insistence that "The distinction between amateur and professional no longer exists", even if this appears at odds with IDSF Olympic criteria as repeated ad infinitum over the years.


Nonetheless, many competitors have contacted us asking for guidance. They have many unanswered concerns, such as:-

How are the couples chosen?

Which members select the couple to represent a (if any) nation, and on which criteria?

Which rules will be used? Decided by whom?

Which registration is acceptable?

If competing, will participants then be open to sanctions if they dance IDSF "unrecognised"-(WDC) events?

Will my professional status be affected?

What kind of World Championship can it be if nations are not at all



The WDC shares their concerns, and with the above in mind, has no option in our mutual interests to implement the following measures:-

In protection of our competitors and in principles of the transparency of

information, The World Dance Council will forward a list to all registrants worldwide, all adjudicators and all organisers of professional events, including but not restricted to World Series, of any competitors who participate in these IPDSC alleged “professional” events. Furthermore, the names of these dancers will be removed from the ranking system

of the World Series, with all monies due being forfeited, since they will no longer feature in the list. Many of the lucrative contracts and demonstrations in Asia and beyond will also be informed as to those names which may have participated, and will be able to book/re-schedule in accordance.


Any title-holder of WDC granted title events, e.g. World Champion, may forfeit their title and the title will be transferred to the next placed couple who did not re-instate themselves as amateurs.

Due to the fact that these are amateur events, any couples will find that they will have to re-apply, without guarantee of outcome, for instatement as professionals, since they will have competed as amateurs in the eyes of WDC and its members.


Adjudicators will find also that their names will be forwarded to all registrants world-wide, all organisers, all competitors and member-countries as having participated in events attacking the competitors` interests and assets of WDC.


The WDC will pursue a policy of non-use of those who support the downfall of our couples and our profession for a period of years after the committing of the act, and will also give preference to those without IDSF registration, with further preference to those who adjudicate IDU, IDSA, and WDC` s own future-possible Amateur events.


British Council rulings for example, do not permit professional competitive couples and amateur couples to compete against each other under the current structure., nor the adjudication of such.

As an example, the official position of the British Dance Council is as follows:

“The BDC is a member of the World Dance Council. Our official position is that we do not recognise the organisation nor the events and we strongly urge all registrants, competitors and/or adjudicators not to participate”.


The World Dance Council will use all measures, legal and political, to protect the status-quo which has stood us in such good stead throughout the decades of history, and reserves the right to injunct, appeal to the ethics-commissions of the International Olympic Committee and C.O.N.I., and will undoubtedly institute our own Amateur-Division immediately, together with our partners, should the

IDSF insist on following this course of monopoly and domination.

The widening of Non-IDSF amateur events to accommodate the desire of couples to compete every weekend world wide can be easily implemented, and with utmost speed.


We at the World Dance Council urge the IDSF and their member countries to step back from this ill-timed and potentially hazardous course and in practical pursuit of this, we make the following offer as an initiative to defuse the escalated tension:-

We offer the IDSF to join us in the administration of our newly-formed Amateur Commission as partners in the project, and hope that IDSF will accept and reciprocate on their side re. IPDSC.


This substantial offer would send out the clear signal that agent provocateurs will not succeed to the detriment of the dance world, and that rather negotiation diplomacy and collaboration, even eventual merging in our microcosm, will prevail. With this last hope in mind, the WDC intended to delay implementation of the above until one day after the proposed IPDSC meetings in December in Italy, and planned to finish with the following statement.


However unless a press-release is issued to the contrary, these measures will take effect on 13th December 2006 and will be valid and governed by English Law.


However, we sincerely wish to hold out our hands in partnership with IDSF and invite them to take the floor as our partners in dance and co-operation. To this end we shall delay the above implementation until shortly after the December meeting to facilitate and allow time for negotiations.


We hope and trust that common sense prevails. Should we be left with no alternative but to follow the above path, it will be on record in the worlds of Dance Sport, Entertainment and Olympics that IDSF forced the entire world against their wishes into this situation.


World Dance Council

Dance Sport Office tel: +44 (0) 208 657 6617 P.O. Box 1038 fax: +44 (0) 208 657 6617

South Croydon CR2 0ZX e-mail:

Surrey, ENGLAND Registered Office: 7-8 Albert Road, Silvertown, London E16 20W


Chairman of Dance Sport

Mr. Fred Bijster


Executive Board:

Raymond Myhrengen * Ferry Polai * Steve Powell * Jerry Abrate

Press Release World Dance Sport Committee of the World Dance Council – December 2006

Appeal to those responsible to protect our prestigious titles.

The organisation of World and European championships has a long history.

Ever since the official establishment of the World Dance Council (before I.C.B.D.) and the I.D.S.F. (before I.C.A.D.) the respective titles have gained prestige all over the world. Over the years both the amateur and professional titles are now perceived as "genuine" and recognised and respected throughout the entiredanceworld. This thanks to the efforts of both WDC and IDSF.

For competitors a sound and clear layer to help them in their careers. Many, many highly respected names have passed the path from being first world champions in the amateur-section, to later becoming a finalist or world champion in the professional section. The two are strongly connected and were mutually respected.

Both WDC and IDSF can rightly claim the credits for the recognition of these respective titles and for the great help in the individual careers of so many.  Sadly enough this seems to become history and the ruin or at least devaluation of past and future careers.  Careers where people invest(ed) a lifetime, their personal lifes and lots of money to maybe become one of those "world champions".

Therefore the unilateral decision of IDSF to facilitate and support the organisation of a professional world championship in January 2007 is an irresponsible act, initiated by individuals that give preference to their personal aims and abuse their elected positions to do so.

Even more disturbing is the fact that these individuals seem to get support here and there, and a great majority of others prefer to "sit on the fence".

Of course one could state that the WDC or the IDSF are not ideal in their performance.

Of course things could be better.  But that can hardly be an argument to make things worse!  It surely cannot be an argument used by anyone of the two organisations (WDC - IDSF) that gave recognition and prestige to these titles in the past and carry responsibility over them.

First and foremost it is a denial of the existence and prestige of our present titles, organised to satisfaction by WDC for so many years, established in and recognised by the entire danceworld. Second and of at least equal importance, the professional competitors don't want it; as anyone can imagine they are quite pleased with having one official title in their field.

Considering that there is an official world title and that the respective competitors do not want a second one, it is easy to conclude that IDSF is not looking at the interests of the competitors, but have a different agenda in this matter, being to disrupt and divide the professionals and / or getting control over the professionals.

The argument that there is also a second and third world amateur-title is a non-argument and definitely not caused by WDC. In fact WDC offered her support to IDSF to solve this problem, since what goes for theprofessional titles, also goes for the amateur-titles.

In the last few years the differences of approach between WDC and IDSF have grown and contacts were few and improductive. Just in September 2006 there was a seemingly fruitfull meeting, but this unilateral action contradicts the friendly atmosphere and invites the WDC to do the same.

Lots of members have pressed the Presidium of the WDC to go that way, but so far we have given preference to seeking a solution together with IDSF.

But respect can not come from one side only. If IDSF wishes to continue on this path of conflict, it leaves WDC no other option than to answer in the same manner. Measures are now in preparation.

Hence this last appeal.

Fred Bijster

Chairman of the World Dance Sport Committee of the WDC.

World Dance Council

Social Dance Office tel: +47 (0) 72.552.164

Olav Nygardsv.15 fax: +47 (0) 72.560.074

7023 Tronheim e-mail: { HYPERLINK "" }



World Social Dance Committee

Chairman: Marcel De Rijk

Senior Vice Chairman: Guido de Smet


Executive Board Vice Chairmen:

Alan Clarke Alexey Belyaev Walter Wat Denis Jacquot Morten Andresen

Executive Board Co-opted persons:

Romy Jakob Norbert Kalkbrenner


V i c e C h a i rma n


Me d a l l i s t C omp e t i t i o n & S p o n s o r s h i p D e p a r tme n t



Dear Professional friends and colleagues

As you are now aware the World medalist championships has been awarded to Denmark and will take place on the 28th and 29th of October 2006 in Koge.


At this time there are still countries that have not confirmed their entries and as the closing date for this is the 15th of September 2006 time is running out.


I ask you to please confirm the entries for this event immediately as the preparation for the time schedule needs to be organised now. It is essential that we work together to try and create the best events we can and this is a hard task to achieve considering the programme timetable is one of the intricate parts to the total success.


So as to allow the correct amount of time for me to do this work I ask you to please send the entries to me as quickly as possible to avoid any disappointment for the couples whose entries are late.


Best wishes on behalf of the SDEB

Denis Jacquot


Jerry Abrate who was one of our adjudicators at our IDU World Cup 2006 competition in Tel Aviv has invited teachers of AIDA to the following event.



Professional Teacher Conference-Congress                                                            Ischia – Capri  8,9 APRIL 2006





Caterina Arzenton, Espen Salberg,   are proud to announce and inform you that they will  organize for the first time a WD&DSC  world conference-congress for all professional teachers, trainers, coaches, competitors, in ITALY.


Saturday 08 and Sunday 09 April 2006 in the location of Lacco Ameno island of ISCHIA (Naples) at the 5stars deluxe HOTEL and Conference ALBERGO REGINA ISABELLA  (


Jerry Abrate with a winning couple from Israel.

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