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IDU Amateur World Championship on 24th and 25th October 2008
in Maalot organised by Igor Galiaga.

ILAN VAIMAN - Vice President IDU and President AIDA

To Mr. Ilan Vaiman,
President of AIDA - Amateur Israel Dancesport Association,

We would all like to wish you a heartfelt and very warm congratulations on your being elected as Vice President of IDU - International Dance Union - today the 5th October 2008.

We are all so pleased and very proud of your recognition as a wonderful individual and a true professional in the dance world.

May this be the beginning of a very successful international career.

Patrice Perez - Sports Director - on behalf of the Presidium of AIDA:  Saulus Greenyevitch, Genya Levant, Patrice Perez, Galina Shustin, Marina Kritchman, Arkadi Gadishev and all the teachers, dancers and supporters of AIDA.

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IDU Press Release #19

December, 18, 2006


IDU is very glad to inform the Dance World about great success of 2006 IDU World Championships in Classic Ballroom & Latin American Dances in Juniors (12-15), in Youth 1 (16-18), Youth 2 (19-20), Adults (21-35), Seniors (over 35) and also new established Liscio Unificato & Carribean Dances.

There were held on 14-16 of December 2006 in Reggio Calabria, Italy, Palasport F.Calafiore containing  10.000 spectators. Also this great event was broadcast live on RAI (National Italian television channel) in connection with Telethon Charity project.

2006 IDU World Championships were organized by Stefano Francia on behalf of FDSI (FederDanza Sport Italia, president Franco Querze)  with a great support of CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee), Reggio Calabria regional department.

The Dance Congress and several professional competitions were organized in conjunction with ANMB (National Association of Dance Teachers) within the framework of the festival.

We are pleased to announce:

2006 IDU World Amateur Classic Ballroom Champions (Adults):

Warren and Kristi Boyce (England)

2006 IDU World Amateur Latin American Champions (Adults):

Rashid Malki & Anna Suprun (Sweden)

A distinguish Panel of Experts (adjudicators licensed by WDC, World Dance Council) was provided for those Championships: Gaynor Fairweather MBE  (England), Rene Barci  (France), Vincent Bulger (USA), Johan Eftedal  (Norway), Leonid Pletnev  (Russia), Steven Hannah  (Scotland), Tone Nyhagen  (Norway), Caterina Arzenton (Italy), Petracca Pier Luigi  (Italy), Maria Gai  (Italy), Viviana Bevini  (Italy) with Jerry Abrate (Italy) as a chairman.

And also for another age categories: Mirko Saccani  (Hong Kong), Oleg Kudinov  (Russia), Alexander Shichkin  (Russia), Pechernikov Andrey  (Russia), Vasyutyak Yuriy  (Ukraine), Vladimir Karachentsev  (Ukraine), Svyatoslav Vlokh  (Ukraine), Evgeny Vaiman  (Israel), Liz Moore  (Israel), Federica Malaguti  (Italy), Luca Fanni  (Italy), Alessandro Persichini  (Italy), Ciro Zaccaro  (Italy). 

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IDU PR Commission


IDU WORLD CUP 2008 in Israel 23rd and 24th April 2008



To all member-countries of the WDDSC family

To all Professional adjudicators

Dear Colleagues,

As you may be well aware, a joint meeting between the IDSF and the WDDSC was scheduled for and took place on 26th October 2005 in Zurich, Switzerland. The WDDSC represented by myself, Dance Sport Chairman Fred Bijster and Vice-President Stanislav Popov entered these negotiations in the spirit of utmost co-operation optimism, seriousness of intent and respect, and to this end our proposed agenda was forwarded to the IDSF for their consideration as early as August. For the avoidance of any doubt we offered an absolute maximum of new initiatives for solutions and sharing as partners in the following agenda.

  1. 1. The combining of the WD&DSC World Series and IDSF Grand Slam into a World Super-Series. The concept in principle.

  2. 2. The setting up of an Independent Commission to investigate the future of Dance Sport, with representatives from the WD&DSC, IDSF, IDU and Competitors on the Commission.

  3. 3. A joint World Congress, presented and organised jointly by the WD&DSC and IDSF.

The costs and profits to be shared to pioneer the first true educational system on a global basis for everyone.

  1. 4. The issue of Adjudicator eligibility arising from the General Agreement.

  2. 5. The removal of all future “bans” on events organised by WD&DSC Members.

In spite of the fact that no agenda was forthcoming from the IDSF side, we still proceeded in the utmost good faith. Unfortunately, due to health problems, on the day your delegates arrived at the meeting to be met with the news that President Baumann would not be able to attend and that Mr. Lukas Hinder and Mr. Vince Bain would proceed with President Baumann in absentia.

The spirit of the meeting and the general atmosphere and desire for co-operation appeared to be one of the best that I have attended, and this feeling was indicated by Mr. Bain. The meeting was several hours in duration and it extended into dinner that evening.

The bottom line of decision-making which occurred however, was perhaps slightly disappointing but nonetheless not entirely fruitless. It was unanimously agreed as follows:

  1. a) The WDDSC and IDSF mutually accept and recognise each others list of adjudicators

  2. b) The requirement that adjudicators register with IDSF by 1st January 2006 is withdrawn

Mr. Bain advised that this IDSF delegation were totally in favour of the above but begged our patience that it would require Presidium endorsement and asked if we could hold off with this in mind from making any Press Releases until the following Tuesday (1st November 2005), whereby it was hoped and anticipated that implementation could occur.

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It is for this reason, i.e. the request of the IDSF and in the spirit of good will and etiquette that no press releases nor directives have been forthcoming. In spite of several reminders from our side to the IDSF, no conclusions nor formal ratifications had been received, which gave me cause to write to President Baumann last week on 24th November 2005 advising that should we fail to receive some kind of response by the weekend, it would leave us with no alternative but to proceed on a unilateral basis and issue a Press Release. To his credit Mr. Bain responded with an e-mail but still no formal response on IDSF note-paper from President Baumann.

With this in mind, and in view of the fact that the issue is scheduled for the agenda of the IDSF Presidium meeting of January 2006, and bearing in mind that most members of the IDSF and organisers all over the world wish and actually prefer to employ WDDSC adjudicators, it is therefore the conclusion of this Press Release that the WDDSC strongly urge all Professional adjudicators NOT to feel coerced into registering with IDSF. Coercions, bans, restrictions on the market and back-door monopolies are the cause of much upheaval in the dance market today, and in quite simple terms, there is no need.

The future for the WDDSC is incredibly bright and the possibilities of the open market virtually limitless. Our long established open market of competitions are growing not only in undoubted prestige and stature but also in numbers, and there is no advice that the general agreement agreed between WDDSC and IDSF is not in effect. Furthermore, there are many new initiatives planned from the WDDSC side of which we will be delighted to advise you shortly.

In the meantime, our newly developed coaches and trainers and organisers commissions are reflective of our growing network of information traffic, knowledge and expertise worldwide.

The Presidium and I take this opportunity of thanking you for your support and wish you and all your families a healthy and happy festive season and a wonderful start to the new opportunities which we will find in 2006.

With my warmest regards,

Donnie Burns MBE, President